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Mitigating the risk of cross contamination in today’s complex clinical environment

 Today, more than ever before, clinicians are challenged to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination and transmission of viruses and bacteria – whether from people, care-related factors, the environment or equipment.  Guidelines and protocols have rapidly evolved to address sources of contamination and pathogens that may lead to infection. However, complexities in the provision of care can make compliance to these recommendations challenging, resulting in some contamination risks possibly being overlooked.  This course details current challenges that may increase the risk of cross contamination, guidelines and recommended best practices, and solutions to help mitigate the risks within the complex care environment.


  • Nikki Kluck BS, MS
  • Kim Prinsen MSN, RN
  • Kimberly Schommer BSN, RN, VA-BC

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Past Industry Webinars

Live From Industry: Nasal Decolonization to Prevent Staphylococcus aureus Infections Speaker: Marin Schweizer, PhD

Marin Schweizer, PhD has performed many research studies to evaluate whether nasal decolonization prevents Staphylococcus aureus infections. She will describe her multicenter research studies that evaluated nasal decolonization interventions, including real-world barriers and facilitators to implementation of these interventions. She will also discuss the evidence base for nasal decolonization to prevent S. aureus infections among different patient populations.

Marin Schweizer, PhD
Associate Professor, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

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Live From Industry: Re-emerging from the COVID-19 Pandemic: Strategies for Patient and Healthcare Worker Safety During Challenging Times

The COVID-19 Pandemic has created unique and long-lasting impacts on the global healthcare delivery system. As more healthcare facilities reopen and engage with patients, it is imperative that healthcare systems and staff take the necessary measures to protect both healthcare workers and also patients. This webinar will review the necessary elements of infection prevention and control to ensure ongoing safety and continuity of clinical operations in a variety of healthcare settings.

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Live From Industry: Innovations in the Surgical Site Infection Prevention Bundle: How Early Adoption Can Improve Patient Outcomes

The surgical site infection (SSI) prevention bundle is more complex and more rapidly evolving when compared to other healthcare-associated prevention bundles and keeping apprised of the latest innovations is often challenging for infection preventionists and perioperative teams. This presentation will highlight some of the more recent innovative practices and technologies, that when used as adjuncts to current surgical care practices, can reduce SSI risk among certain surgical patient populations.

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