APIC Strategic Partners

APIC collaborates with industry to bring value to our members. By participating in APIC’s Strategic Partner Program (SPP), industry partners support APIC in its mission to create a safer world through the prevention of infection. Participation by strategic partners in the SPP signals their commitment to APIC, infection preventionists (IPs), and the field of infection prevention and control.

3M Medical Solutions

3M, along with newly-acquired KCI, focuses on providing better care through patient-centered science. Helping transform patient outcomes by reducing the risk of preventable complications at every touchpoint. From solutions for BSI and SSI risk reduction to vital sign monitoring and temperature management, our team is ready to partner with you to strive toward a world with zero complications.

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Aerobiotix, Inc

Our mission is to improve patient outcomes through safer healthcare environments. By building air quality systems that are innovative, effective and peer-supported, we partner globally with healthcare professionals to achieve this mission.

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Aramark Uniform Services

Aramark’s apparel and cleaning solutions reflect our commitment to quality and innovation, as well as our client’s success in helping safeguard health, protect staff and improve patient satisfaction.

OUR MISSION: Deliver experiences that enrich and nourish lives.

OUR FOCUS: Help reduce the risk of HAIs through innovative solutions that improve infection prevention practices in textiles and hard surface bacterial management.

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Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) represent a large and growing problem for our healthcare system. BD is uniquely positioned to help hospitals improve safety and reduce cost through our systematic and targeted approach, which combines clinically proven products, HAI surveillance and continuing education to help clinicians reduce the risk of infection.

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CS Medial LLC

CS Medical LLC is the leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing medical devices that are designed to provide cleaning and high-level disinfection of ultrasound TEE probes. Our products are engineered and developed with one single objective in mind: to minimize the potential of patient exposure to improperly reprocessed TEE ultrasound probes.

Our core product, the TD 100® Automated TEE Probe Disinfector, is an example of our ongoing commitment to innovation and to the health and safety of medical patients and staff. The TD 100 eliminates manual reprocessing of delicate and expensive TEE ultrasound probes while providing a repeatable and FDA cleared disinfection process.

The TEEClean® Automated TEE Probe Cleaner Disinfector will continue the TD 100’s work by automating the required cleaning process for the TEE probe before high-level disinfection. TEEClean, with electronic record data logging, printed verification reporting, FDA cleared cleaning, and high-level disinfection will be the standard of care for TEE ultrasound probes.

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Cantel Medical

Cantel Medical offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for the processing of flexible endoscopes. From patient to patient Cantel Medical offers innovative and market-leading equipment, products, and education to assist our customers in their need to provide a patient ready endoscope.

Cantel is dedicated to delivering innovative infection prevention products, services, and solutions for patients, caregivers, and other healthcare providers, which improve outcomes and help save lives.

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CIVCO Medical Solutions

CIVCO Medical Solutions offers products for use in diagnostic and therapeutic imaging and interventional procedures, with a strong focus on ultrasound. CIVCO is a leading provider of ultrasound infection control solutions to help protect clinicians and patients and maintain compliance, including ultrasound probe covers, pre-cleaning accessories, transportation, high-level disinfection systems, and storage.

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Clorox Healthcare

Building on a century-long legacy in cleaning and disinfecting, Clorox Healthcare products from CloroxPro offer healthcare facilities a wide range of solutions to help prevent and stop the spread of infections and create cleaner, healthier environments. From comprehensive surface disinfection to advanced technologies, we are committed to providing efficacious solutions to healthcare facilities across the continuum of care.

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Probotics are important strategy to manage major infections (cDif, ADD). Dosing of antibiotics leads to more serious infection risk associated with a compromised microbiome in the gut. Culturelle is the leading probiotic strain (LGG) with superior clinical efficacy related to preventing cDif and ADD. Healthcare professionals should preemtively dose probiotics when dosing antibiotics.

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Diversey is committed to improved patient outcomes.  We provide a total solution including continued education and resources to address emerging needs, facilitation of evidence-based cleaning and disinfection practices, and products which not only enhance patient safety, but also drive improved productivity of staff, lowering the overall cost of care.   We feel that each of these components is paramount to driving continuous improvement in creating a safer and more satisfying environment of care.

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The GOJO Purpose of Saving Lives and Making Life Better Through Well-being Solutions drives every decision our Family Enterprise makes, from the products we create, to the ways we work. As the inventors of PURELL® Hand Sanitizer, GOJO has changed how the world stays well for more than 70 years. As the inventors of hand sanitizer, GOJO combines hand sanitizers, soaps and surface disinfectants, that works alongside PROVON® skincare products to create a holistic portfolio that fights the spread of germs and keeps skin healthy, allowing our customers to showcase their  commitment to well-being and high-quality patient care.

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Medline Industries

To provide quality medical products with superior value to health care providers and end users, improving patient care and enhancing the quality of peoples’ lives.

When it comes to combating hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), lines of defense fall into three areas: Environment. Caregiver. Patient. Within each, there are multiple ways microbes can invade and cause infections. Through surgical incisions, urinary or central venous catheters, and respiratory tubes. By touch or contact with contaminated surfaces.

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We are driven by a higher purpose to lead the fight against preventable infections and help save lives. Because of what we do every day, someone’s Mother, Brother, Father, Son, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Child or Lover won’t get sick, die or suffer.

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Pall Medical

Pall Medical designs, manufactures and supplies specialized medical water filtration from the point of building entry through to the point of use at taps, showers and other water sources. This portfolio assures the highest filtration efficiency for removal of waterborne bacteria, endotoxin, protozoa, fungi and particles from in-premise water networks and supports water management programs.


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PurpleSun’s mission is to create the industry standard for light technology by using our data to demonstrate the ability to replace the current manual-chemical-disinfection process with FMUV light and earn the confidence and trust to provide of our customers, PurpleSun develops proprietary FMUV light-based that technology for the purpose of disinfection top provide healthcare facilities with data-driven, sustainable solutions that reduce the risk for the of healthcare-acquired infections, save time and enhance safety for patients and caregivers.

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Sterifre Medical, Inc

It is our promise to protect patients and clinicians through innovative, cost effective, infection prevention products and services that are easy to deploy and achieve reliable outcomes, while reducing the environmental impact of delivering quality healthcare.

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The health and safety of every patient, facility employee and construction worker is our number one priority.

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We thank our Strategic Partners who supported the development of this new resource.