About Industry Perspectives

Key features of APIC’s mission to create a safer world through the prevention of infection are increasing infection preventionist (IP) competency and elevating the profession, objectives that are met in large part by improving access to information and knowledge.


To help expand access to the information and research that accompany industry products and services, APIC created Industry Perspectives, an online resource for IPs and other healthcare professionals.

The goals of Industry Perspectives are to:

  • Facilitate dissemination of information related to infection prevention and control (IPC) products and services to IPs and other healthcare professionals.
  • Help IPs and other healthcare professionals stay up-to-date on important news, emerging knowledge relevant to the field, and changes within the infection prevention and control industry – as generated by a key partner: industry.
  • Increase IP competencies in evaluating products and services and the research that supports them.
  • Provide content in multiple formats (podcasts, white papers, reports, product guides, slide show presentations, videos, etc.) that can be accessed via mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

Using quality information from industry partners, infection preventionists will be able to supplement their clinical knowledge with details related to product use, the science supporting a specific methodology, and best practices to keep patients safe. Geared to the needs of busy IPs, Industry Perspectives provides healthcare professionals with easy access to relevant infection prevention information generated by healthcare companies. Content from industry, which undergoes a rigorous review process, is clearly identified as coming from industry/healthcare companies, and will focus on evidence-based solutions, with emphasis on informing and educating rather than marketing. Categorized by topic area and completely searchable, Industry Perspectives will be continuously populated with multiple sources of content, including sponsored content, APIC resources, and aggregated content.