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The Six C’s: Handling Soiled Linen in a Healthcare Environment

  • Posted: January 2, 2018
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To aid compliance with OSHA’s Universal Precautions for handling soiled linen saturated with blood, bodily fluids, harmful residue from treatments and other potentially infectious material, Hygienically Clean Healthcare certified laundries are pleased to provide hospitals at no charge with a 13-minute best practices training video: “The Six C’s: Handling Soiled Linen in a Healthcare Environment.”

Laundry professionals led by TRSA, the leading organization for companies that supply laundered garments, uniforms, linens and other reusable textile products to healthcare facilities, developed the video. Collaborators were the American Reusable Textile Association and Association for Linen Management.

Hygienically Clean Healthcare laundries use best management practices (BMPs) in laundering as verified by TRSA inspection and produce hygienically clean textiles as quantified by ongoing microbial testing. Following BMPs created by TRSA and guided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, “The Six C’s” enhances safety, improves patient care and reduces costs.

For more information on “The Six C’s” and Hygienically Clean Healthcare, contact Angela Freeman, afreeman@trsa.org

To view the trailer for “The Six C’s: Handling Soiled Linen in a Healthcare Environment” and receive a copy of the full video on a flash drive, please click here.

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