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Technical Review & Assessment of PURELL Healthcare CRT HEALTHY SOAP

  • Posted: October 31, 2019
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Nationally and internationally-recognized hand hygiene guidelines permit healthcare facilities to choose whether to use an antimicrobial or a non-antimicrobial soap. In 2017 the Food and Drug Administration banned the most common soap active ingredient, triclosan, which has led many healthcare facilities to reconsider their soap options. Overall, there has been a lack of innovation in soap formulation, but GOJO has developed a novel non-antimicrobial soap called CRT™ High Performance Soap that optimizes skin cleansing properties without sacrificing skin compatibility or aesthetics. The result is better removal of soil and bacteria, skin compatibility, improved sustainability, and a better wash experience. Bacterial removal studies demonstrate that CRT™ High Performance Soap has significantly higher removal of Staph aureus on both healthy and dry and irritated skin compared to a market-leading, non-antimicrobial soap. This is a breakthrough for healthcare facilities seeking to move away from antimicrobial soap but who still want better soap performance.

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