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Improving Hand Hygiene Compliance with Innovative Technology and Increased Accountability

  • Posted: June 10, 2019
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Hand hygiene compliance continues to be a challenge in U.S. hospitals, yet it is still the most effective way to prevent the spread of infections. Due to the continuing perception that Direct Observation is the gold standard, many hospitals are missing the data needed to combat Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs). Using technology, hospitals can take a data-driven approach to developing quality performance improvement initiatives for staff, patients and visitors, including individual accountability of staff to perform hand hygiene at the right time, per their hospital guidelines and policies. By utilizing an electronic monitoring system, hospitals use data and insights to modify approaches, do just-in-time coaching, and drive individuals to be accountable. The PURELL SMARTLINKā„¢ Integrated Monitoring System (IMS) delivers robust, reliable data at the individual, job role and group levels. Paired with our expert clinical support, IMS can help drive behavior change and improve hand hygiene compliance to fight infections and improve patient safety.

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