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Handling Clean Linen in a Healthcare Environment

  • Posted: January 2, 2018
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To support infection prevention by guiding facility management in developing a written policies and procedures manual outlining their own best practices for healthcare textile (HCT) handling, Hygienically Clean Healthcare certified laundries are pleased to provide the “Handling Clean Linen in a Healthcare Environment” whitepaper.

Outsourced linen service providers make great efforts to meet standards that ensure hospitals and other medical facilities receive HCTs they need to operate safely. But once HCTs reach a facility’s doors, launderers’ role in maintaining their hygiene is limited or nonexistent, unless the laundry is contracted for this purpose.

“Handling Clean Linen in a Healthcare Environment” outlines the functions that should be covered in a best practices manual—a critical tool to train new staff members and monitor and evaluate the linen-handling process. These functions include:

  • Transportation to the facility
  • Storage
  • Distribution
  • Avoiding contamination
  • Perfecting the process

Healthcare facilities reviewing linen and uniform service options are urged to require every laundry under consideration to be TRSA Hygienically Clean Healthcare certified. The certification reflects laundries’ commitment to best management practices (BMPs) in laundering as verified by third-party inspection and their capability to produce hygienically clean textiles as quantified by ongoing microbial testing. For more information on the Hygienically Clean Healthcare standard and facilities, contact Angela Freeman, afreeman@trsa.org

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