COVID-19: Preventable Secondary Bacterial Infections/Unnecessary Exposure to Staff

  • Posted: April 13, 2020
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COVID-19 patients, already compromised and fighting for their lives, are subject to copious amounts of pathogen-ridden sputum, making them prime candidates for a secondary bacterial infection. Simex has shown to lower the rates of VAP and significantly reduces exposure and cross-contamination to staff. With such a contagious enemy, Simex can be a lifesaving factor in the ICU simply by being automated with a built-in occlusion release allowing safe use at higher pressures and catching more sputum above the cuff. Just as important, reducing stoma care when a tracheostomy is applicable can reduce preventable infections and unnecessary exposure to almost nil. Simex COVID-19 White Paper. These COVID-19 patients need all the help they can get.

Simex, the only FDA-cleared device for subglottic aspiration, is automated and able to aspirate safely at higher pressure (150 mmHg) several times an hour (for example every 15 minutes). Simex removes as much as 300-1000ml of secretions per day, many times the average amount of secretions collected using wall-suctions (usually under 30ml per day), reducing a significant amount of extra fluid from getting into the lungs. Simex has an integrated self-contained collection canister that helps prevent clinicians and patients from cross-contamination of infectious secretions. Please call us for any further information or to review Simex clinical studies and presentations.

* Practical Hospital Services has free ET and tracheostomy tubes with subglottic.

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