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2018 APIC Symposium – Launch of an Infection Preventionist Toolkit for Ultrasound

  • Posted: August 7, 2018
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The symposium addresses important issues in ultrasound probe reprocessing through a focus on a set of practical tools developed by a group of concerned IPs. An IP toolkit was developed in response to the growing need for a systematic approach to ultrasound infection prevention management. The on-demand videos provide immense benefit to those already actively surveying ultrasound probe reprocessing, probe use in your facilities or needing guidance on where to start. The outcome is to achieve better infection prevention compliance to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients in our care.

Learning Objectives.
• Analyze recent research documenting outbreaks and infection risks in ultrasound procedures
• Describe the infection prevention (IP) challenges associated with guideline compliance and the expansion of ultrasound imaging in healthcare
• Review the regulatory requirements and implementation options for traceability in ultrasound use and reprocessing
• Identify the IP toolkit components and where to access them, including the ‘Locate and Profile’, ‘Algorithm’, ‘Risk Assessment’ and ‘Policy’ tools
• Explain the systematic use of each tool in working toward a standard of care in ultrasound IP throughout healthcare departments

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