Strategic Partners Spotlight

Partnering with IPs and healthcare facilities to fight COVID-19

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The story of COVID-19 was fraught with varied perspectives. Understanding how hard hit the United States would become was somewhat unknown until it just hit. And it hit hard. Companies that work with healthcare professionals immediately knew the devastating impact it would have on hospitals and everyone who tirelessly work every day to save lives. The sacrifices hospital staff have made are too many to list here, but know that everyone at Aerobiotix keeps you in our hearts and keeps us working round the clock to provide our air cleaning unit as an additional weapon against the unseen enemy.

The news changed every day and new studies were fast tracked to the public. Diligent IPs and healthcare professionals educated themselves to learn about the effect of COVID-19 in the air, especially in healthcare facilities. Knowing another line of defense was needed to keep staff safe and healthy so the heavy work of keeping patients alive could continue, IPs and healthcare professionals did their homework and found our hospital-grade air disinfection unit could help reduce the viral spread in the air.

Within three weeks, we emptied our inventory and provided units to over 30 hospitals. Placed in areas with high patient and personnel volume – to lower the risk of transmission. National disasters force us to think outside the box. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has taught all of us some lessons we will take with us as we move ahead into the changed world.

Aerobiotix thanks all Infection Preventionists for their professionalism, knowledge and skills to keep staff safe during this unprecedented time. We think of you every day, are thankful every day for everyone who has chosen the vocation of saving lives. It would have been so very much worse if you didn’t have the passion you possess for your self-sacrificing work.

Thank you again!

Nathan Utz
Vice President of Sales