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Infection Preventionist Reduces Airborne Pathogens in her VA Medical Center

  • Posted: March 13, 2020
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As an APIC Strategic Partner, we always look forward to exhibiting at APIC’s national annual conferences where we can meet many APIC members to learn more about their personal and professional concerns on infection prevention in their healthcare facilities.

At the 2019 conference, an Infection Preventionist from a VA Medical Center visited our booth. She was looking for solutions to some of the challenges the Operating Rooms were experiencing and wanted to explore technologies that could help overcome these challenges. Ensuring the OR has the cleanest environment: air, surface, water, etc. to keep both patients and staff healthy was a big concern for her.

After demonstrating how the Illuvia can reduce airborne pathogens in Operating Rooms, she became very intrigued and reported back to her Perioperative Team. She showed the peer-reviewed literature on the Illuvia with them and they invited us to visit their facility. We spent the day orienting the team on Illuvia; how it works, what it does. After meeting with nurses, anesthesiologist, surgeons, Chiefs of Surgery and Orthopedics the consensus was Illuvia needed to be placed in the operating rooms as soon as possible.

With wide spread support, the Illuvia was brought into the VA very quickly and were setup in the three main operating rooms. Working with the perioperative team we found a spot in every room for the Illuvia and powered all the units that day. After some discussions in the sterile core, a couple nurses went back into the first operating room where a unit had been running. They came out minutes later, encouraging the staff to come back in the room. It smells cleaner, they said!

The Illuvia’s have been operational non-stop since that day. The facility has recently increased the amount of devices in use, due to the success it has seen on those original operating rooms. Because of the IP’s care and commitment to improving the OR environment, she investigated all aspects of the environment, explored new technologies, and found something that improved that environment for both patients and staff.