Editorial Guidelines

As the leading professional association for infection preventionists (IPs), APIC’s value and credibility depend on preserving the trust of its members and the profession at large by providing fair and accurate information. By establishing an Advisory Editorial Panel and clear, published guidelines for sponsored content and advertisements, APIC promotes transparency and maintains high standards of publication.

Content Standards

The primary purpose of sponsored content on Industry Perspectives is to broaden access for IPs to relevant knowledge and information on infection prevention and epidemiology generated by healthcare companies, thereby enhancing IP competency. Content will be clearly identified as coming from industry/healthcare companies. Content will contribute to broad knowledge and focus on evidence-based solutions.

Review Standards

The primary aim is to post and disseminate high quality information that is relevant to practicing IPs. To that end, the Advisory Panel, made up of APIC leadership, Strategic Partner representatives, and staff will review submissions based on the following criteria:

Review Criteria

APIC will reject any content that could jeopardize or harm the reputation, credibility, integrity, independence, or impartiality of APIC.

Commercial content should not:

Important Disclaimer

Industry Perspectives content will be clearly identified as coming from industry/healthcare companies. APIC members and other visitors to the site will be able to distinguish between sponsor (paid) content and other forms of content. Moreover, since Industry Perspectives will be populated by multiple sources of content, including user-generated content, aggregated content, editorial content, and sponsored content, Industry Perspectives will take special care to distinguish between editorial content and advertising. To this end, Industry Perspectives will prominently display the following disclaimer on all Sponsored Content: ‘PROVIDED BY <<SPONSOR COMPANY>>’. Inclusion of sponsored content on Industry Perspectives does not constitute an APIC endorsement or reflect the views of sponsoring company’s products, services, views, or opinions.


Sponsor is responsible for securing commercial rights to all copyrighted material from the copyright holder before the material can be submitted as sponsored content.